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My philosophy

/My philosophy
My philosophy 2017-10-26T20:17:45+00:00
Dr Jihane Cherkaoui medecine esthetique
Dr Jihane Cherkaoui

Dr Jihane Cherkaoui 

In my vision of medical aesthetic care, I prefer the refinement, elegance and harmony of the face for a result that resembles you.

Unlike, the old aesthetic methods that focused on treating only one part of your face and chasing after wrinkle correction, I believe in a holistic approach. My goal is to provide my patient with aesthetic results that last and that aim at bringing back their natural beauty.

With my unique approach, I want my patients to feel more confident and stronger, eager to achieve all their objectives. I am deeply convinced that when you feel good about yourself, you have the strength to reach any dreams both professionally and personally.

In our clinic DGB, one size does not fit all. I will first perform a thorough face assessment of each patient to best guide them towards the most ideal look for them, to erase the trace of time, to make them more attractive. I only use aesthetic medical techniques recognized internationally that are natural, painless and Health Canada approved. My goal is to bring back your youthful appearance without performing long, painful and extensive reconstruction surgery. With my approach, the results are almost instantaneous and you can even go back to work on the same day. This can be done before an important event such as a wedding, conference, gala or just for you.

I exclusively work with the most advanced, natural, well balanced products that symmetrically increase your innate beauty and will make your face glow.

Living in cosmopolitan cities like Montreal, Toronto and Paris gave me the opportunity to work with different patients from everywhere in the world. I want to preserve the unique beauty of my patients and to to highlight their strength by, for example, enlarging the look, defining and plumping the lips, softening the traits of severity and blurring the signs of fatigue. I am always working to improve the quality of the skin by helping to tighten the pores, moisturizing the skin by slowing down aging for an even more natural, refined and radiant result that will enhance your features.

The best version of you is what I am looking for: a woman rested, younger, more fulfilling and more attractive.  

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