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Jawline definition

/Jawline definition
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definition de machoire menton

General :

Hyaluronic acid (AH) is a complex sugar naturally present in your body. About 6g-8g per day are naturally produced. Hyaluronic acid is present in your joints, cartilage, dermis and in your eyes. In combination with water, hyaluronic acid will act like a sponge and give the hydration, the shine to the skin and the desired volume to the cheekbones. Using biotechnological processes, hyaluronic acid is recreated identically to that of our body. It is therefore an organic product that can attract up to 1000 times its weight in water. There are therefore no or very rare allergic reactions reported. After a while, hyaluronic acid is eliminated naturally by your kidneys and does not accumulate your body.

The process: 

The injection of hyaluronic acid (Juvederm®, Restylane®) is done using ultra-thin and almost painless needles. We redefine the chin and jaw angle in order to restore the proportions of the face and have a rejuvenating effect. In men this will give a more virile and attractive results. In women, the face will become more oval and softer.


The effect lasts about 12-24 months.

Start of action: 

The effect is immediately appreciated. The effect is maximal after 10-14 days. Side effects : The main side effects are small redness or bruising, transient edema (swelling).


Contraindications are active autoimmune diseases, acute inflammatory diseases and anticoagulant intake. We advise pregnant and breast-feeding patients not to take any treatment, and we prefer to review them later.


No convalescence to foresee. You can go back to work immediately after a treatment because there is no visible trace.

Cost : 

Upon request during your medical consultation.

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